Here are some of the testimonials received from tenants over the years...

''Steele homes have been our landlord for the past two years. We cannot praise them highly enough for their services. They were extremely helpful, and it was reassuring to know they were only a phone call away if they were needed and then the problem would be very quickly resolved. The whole tenancy was hassle free, which as students, is great peace of mind. We would recommend Steele homes as landlords to anyone who is considering student accommodation!''
Josie & friends, 33 Gerard St

''All my stuff is moved out and the room has been left in a relatively clean state. I would also like to thank you you for all your help and generally providing a great experience.''
Joel, Stafford St

''The best renting experience either of us has had. We have very fond memories of the flat on duffield road as our first home together. Not only was it a lovely flat and furnished exactly to meet our needs, any help we requested with the smallest of things was provided quickly and with friendliness. We got in touch through a recommendation and would definitely recommend Steele Homes to anyone renting in Derby.''
Tuuli & Josh, Duffield Road

''Living in Flat 1, 144 Duffield Road has been a wonderful experience. The flat is spacious, well equiped and nicely decorated, it definitely felt like home! The flat is also within a lovely area with a quiet street and plenty of offroad parking space for my car. Its location was fantastic being so close to Darley Park, the university, and the Derby city centre. Alan and Ian were both very glad to help whenever needed and all issues I encountered were sorted the same day. Both have been amazing landlords and definitely made the experience of living on my own without housemates for the first time a lot smoother. I would definitely recommend Steele Homes for anyone wishing to rent.''
Roz, Duffield Road

''We really enjoyed our stay with Steele Homes, so much that we stayed for 3 years! The Landlord really understands the needs of students and is easy to contact in an emergency, with one member of staff living minuites away. Any problems we had or queries were swiftly dealt with and the flat was well situated, a short walk from both town and the university. We would definately recommend them to any students.''
Becky and Nathan, 47 Stafford St

''Duffield Road has been a lovely area to live in, plenty of parking space for my car and the flat was spacious and very comfortable. As for Alan and Ian they were both very glad to help whenever needed which was definitely a relief after some bad experiences with estate agents. Overall a wonderful place to live with an excellent service. I would recommend Steele Homes to anyone.''
Sophia, Duffield Road

'I really had fun in Derby and it would be much worse if it were not for you and the rest of the guys. It really helped that you were so welcoming, especially the first few weeks. Thank you for all your time in ensuring I had a comfortable and nice time during my first year so far away from my family. I owe you guys a lot.''
Sylwia, 82 Warner St,

''Thank you for all your help throughout the year. It has been fun, alas, we must leave you know!''
Jason & Hannah, Flat 11 Stafford St

''I lived at Stafford Street for 2 years while studying for my degree and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Not having to worry about bills meant I could concentrate on my study without any extra worries. Alan was a great landlord and Ian was always at hand if any problems arose. I would highly recommend a term (or 2) at Stafford Street - great! ''
Carl, Stafford St

''Thank you so much Alan. Massively appreciated. Thank you for being a wonderful landlord for the past 2 years and please send my thanks to Ian for all of his hard work too. I would recommend Steele homes to anyone :)''
Sherri-Leigh, Flat 22 Stafford St

''I very much enjoyed living at 43-45 Stafford Street and would highly recommend. The flats are very good value and ideally located, perfect student accommodation. Alan, Ian and the team are incredibly helpful and have made my year here a pleasure. Should I come back to Derby, Steele Homes will be my first port of call for accommodation. Thank you.''
Paul, 43/45 Stafford St

''Thanks for having me. It was great how whenever I needed someone there was always someone about to get hold of. The flat was in a good location very reasonable rent wise and had great security. I would recommend you to everyone and I do. ''
Tom, Stafford St

''As a student I had quite late notice for my final year to find a flat, luckily I found Steele Homes who were so helpful from the start. I arranged a visit on a Saturday and Ian was great showing me around all the properties available. I found a flat and the service Ian and Alan give has been great throughout the tenancy, thanks very much!''
Dan Smith, Stafford St

'Living at Friargate Lodge has been great, the flats have everything you need and are in good working order and if anything goes wrong the Landlords are quick and efficient about sorting out any problems. The location is great for getting to the University and into town as well as being near to main roads and bus routes which allow you to get wherever you like. I thoroughly enjoyed my time living there and would definitely recommend it.''
Louise, 43/45 Stafford St

''Thank you Alan & Co for everything! Living at Charnwood street was a good choice and I warmly recommend Steele Homes!! The tenancy was a very smooth experience: when needed, help was provided, advice given and communicating was always effective, professional and friendly. A++++++!!! I wish all the best in everything for you, Ian and Mark. Take care! Minna ''
Minna Jaakola, Charnwood St

''Tenants for 2 years. Very professional and friendly service. Incredibly helpful and accommodating. Would definitely recommend!''
Tom & Ruth, Belper Rd

''I moved into a self-contained apartment with Steele Homes for my second year at University in 2011/2012, which I must admit was a brilliant choice. I liked living there because it was close to University and city town centre which was very convenient. It was a great place to live at; it was self-contained with your own shower, kitchen area and general privacy. What really stood out to me was the respect I received from other tenants, people were never too noisy or of any disrespect to one another, which I came across living in University halls. The landlords were great, always there to help you out if there was a problem; I can honestly say they came immediately after I contacted them. It has been a great experience living at 43-45 Stafford Street, which I can highly recommend to anybody. I only moved out because my friend needed a roomy and if it wasnt for that, I would have been happy to continue for another year.''
Abigail, 43/45 Stafford St

''We are most grateful to Steele homes for locating us in a friendly and quiet neighbourhood between the academic years of 2010-12. This location was ideal for us to access both the University and City. Our facilities were very suitable and allowed us to live comfortably at 144 for the two years without any problems. With that, our parking facilities also allowed us to leave our cars in a safe environment overnight and to have easy access to the property 24/7. With Alan, we had a great tenant-landlord relationship and we would recommend Steele Homes to any other University of Derby students!''
Adam & Will, Flat 5 Duffield Road

''You need to know that we have really enjoyed staying at the flat and as we have told you before, you are the best landlord we have ever had (and trust me, we have had a lot of landlords to compare you with!).''
Frank & Mary, 15 Swinburne Street

''Thank You for being such great landlords for Amanda, I wish she had found you 2 years sooner.''
Parent of tenant, 43/45 Stafford Street

''Hi Alan, Thank you for the deposit and everything, it was a real pleasure to live in your flat. You are a great landlord. ''
Izabela, Uttoxeter New Road

''I really loved living in Flat 3. I chose it because of the south facing bay window which gets the sun all day, and it had a bath! It made a great little home which I will remember fondly. Alan was a very recommendable land lord. The only cause for maintenance while I was there was he responded to very quickly, and he was flexible about my furnishing needs and contract dates. Much better than my previous experiences of renting through estate agents, who charge a fortune for an inferior service.''
Helen, Swinburne St

''I would recommend the Stafford Street units as you are only five minutes walk from Derby city centre, you have parking and the rent is reasonable. Alan is a good landlord and is always available if you have any questions or if any issues arise. Fionn, 2006 ''
Fionn, 43 Stafford St

''On behalf of Flat 1 residents, may I take this opportunity to thank you very much for the support that you gave us during our stay here. When we faced some problems, you were quick to solve them. You even offered advices in terms of how to go about certain issues. All this support made our stay in UK more pleasant and comfortable. May God continue to bless you abundantly. Let us keep in touch. Regards, Shadreck. ''
Shadreck, (from Malawi)

''We really loved living in Flat 2- place was cosy, bright and tailored to our needs. Just before we moved in, flat has been redecorated and our suggestions taken into account. Alan Steele is caring, honest and professional landlord- any problems were solved immediately, communication was perfect. Handling keys back was very sentimental moment for us.''
Ewa & Dariusz, 78 Warner St

''Thats brilliant, cheers Alan! Thanks for being a good landlord, all the best for the future and stuff.''
Sean & Ellen, 47 Stafford St

''Alan was third but definitely the best landlord who we've met in UK. Partnership with him was clear pleasure, that's professional, responsible and first of all, very likeable. If you are looking for a flat and you are afraid that somebody may want to cheat you, don't search anymore - You are on right website. Alan is a completely trustworthy person. If you decide to rent a flat from him you will never feel defeated. Alan, thanks for everything.''
Pawel & Karolina (from Poland), Swinburne St

''Flat 4, 80 Curzon Street has been the most pleasant places to live in for the past year. The sun is always shining (even in the winter) in the living room and kitchen area with its fantastic roof windows! Everyone who visited me always complimented on how unique and quirky the flat is. Alan Steele was a fantastic landlord and was always willing to be there for us at our every beckoned call, even when he was busy. I highly recommend Steele Homes to anyone. Thanks for providing such a great service Alan & Co!''
Heather, Curzon St

''Flat 3, Stafford Street has been an amazing place to stay and will be missed. Nothing was ever a problem, to which things were always sorted out as soon as possible. I wish that all landlords were like Alan. Thank you for everything.''
Stacy, Stafford St, 2010

''Living in flat 14 and 16 in Stafford Street was very pleasant. Both rooms were quite sunny and cosy. All bills included, takes away the hustle of arranging everything yourself, and the price is very convenient considering the amount of running and calling you get away with. Alan is one of the best landlords I had, never refusing help when needed. I would never hestiate re-renting a flat or house from from him, as it is a pleasure doing business with him. Fair and square!''
Anna, 43/45 Stafford St

''Alan Steele provided quick response when required, and was always supportive and professional. Even after leaving the house, his help (and that of his employees) was optimum.''
Juan-Carlos, 84 Warner St

''I have lived in Flat 24 at 43 Stafford Street for three consecutive years. It was my home away from home. I was quite comfortable and pleased with my surroundings. The location of the flat allowed it to receive ample sunlight and its size was suitable to meet my needs. As an international student and a first time visitor to the UK, finding a furnished home with utilities included was essential. Steeles Homes provided this accommodation in an ideal location. It was approximately 10 minutes away from the heart of the City Centre and five minutes from the unibus stop. In addition, it was within walking distance to the University of Derby. Therefore, travelling to and from university via bus or walking was smooth. Also, having not to travel long distances to acquire my necessities is an added compliment for this complex. Mr. Steele and the maintenance team are polite, honest and generous persons. They responded immediately to any problems encountered and tried their best to ensure that I was comfortable. I highly recommend Steeles Homes to anyone who is looking for a place to meet their needs with a reliable landlord.''
Sharmer, Stafford St, 2010

''Dear Alan, Thank you for your help and support during our first two years at university. You have been the best landlord we could ever hope for and your reliable nature has helped us to settle into the area. I would recommend your accomodation to all students and advise people to contact Steele Homes Ltd before organising tenancy for the following academic year.''
Laura & Francis, Stafford St, 2010

''I had been living at 43 Stafford Street for over eight years. I first moved in as a Uni student, and I chose to continue living there after I graduated and began working full time in the city centre. Stafford Street is an excellent location conveniently close to town and very reasonably priced suitable for both students and young professionals. I have always found Alan and his colleagues friendly, approachable and always willing to provide advice and/or assistance at times of need. Privacy is always respected as they notify you in advance whenever they need to enter your flat for maintenance/health & safety checks. This was certainly appreciated - unlike other landlords I have been across which I found simply rude and intrusive. Alan has been my best landlord I have had and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Steele Homes Ltd. I would be happy to return to any property managed by Alan in the future. ''
Louise, Stafford Street

''My stay at Flat 1, 80 Curzon street was great. We never had any major problems and the flat was well equipped. If we did have an issue Alan and his team responded quickly and solved it as soon as possible ! I would recommend letting from Steele home to any prospective student due to their efficient and hassle free operations''
Waqas & Fahad, Curzon St

''We initially rented flat 5 with the intention of staying for 1 year, but liked the flat so much that it turned into 5. It was a lovely first home for us both, located in a very nice area, close to Darley Park. The flat is also ideally located for both the university and the city centre. Alan (or a member of his team) were always very quick to attend any jobs when required and were always friendly. A big thank you to Alan for being such a great landlord, we were very sad to leave.''
Karen & Phil, Duffield Road
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